Edition 2017

Welcome to the 2017 Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience (CCN) Summer School, which will take place July 6-29, 2017, in Shanghai, China at the campus of NYU-Shanghai in Shanghai, China.


Computing Environment

Reading Material


Proposed Projects

  • Alex Pouget (University of Geneva)
  • Daphne Bavelier (University of Geneva)
  • Jeff Erlich (NYU Shanghai)
  • Matthew Botvinick (Google DeepMind)
  • Matthew Rushworth (University of Oxford)
  • Michael Breakspear (University of Queensland)
  • Michael Hausser (University College London)
  • Nikolaus Kriegeskorte (MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit)
  • Robert Desimone (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Stefano Fusi (Columbia University)
  • Sukbin Lim (NYU Shanghai)
  • Surya Ganguli (Stanford University)
  • Timothy Behrens (University of Oxford)
  • Yann LeCun (New York University & Facebook AI Research)
Teaching Assistants
  • Gabriela Tavares (California Institute of Technology)
  • Marco Brigham (École Polytechnique)
  • Markus Helmer (Yale University)
  • Tamas Madarasz (University of Geneva)

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